How it works

Your Pentest Platform

We deliver and manage pentests via our cloud platform, so you get seamless data & collaboration with our team.

1. Request a Pentest

Request your pentest directly from our Pentest-as-a-Service portal. Once you log in, all you have to do is set the parameters of your pentest, choose compliance and security frameworks like OWASP Top 10, select a start date, and hit send. That’s it, we’ll review and respond ASAP. 

2. Onboard Your Team

Onboard teams and colleagues to enable real collaboration on your pentest. Get insight during scoping & setup, assign roles and responsibilities for the project, and ensure stakeholders always receive notifications – whether they’re compliance officers or devs responsible for remediation.

3. Set Pentest Scope

With Cyver, everything is handled in a secure, online portal. Upload and manage assets like webapps and networks. Share permissions in an encrypted environment. And, with everything in one place, it’s easy to re-use the same assets across multiple pentests.  

4. Kickoff

Your website and applications are unique. That’s why you’ll have a kickoff video call with one of our pentesters to finalize details, ensure project scope and timelines are correct, and to ask any questions about the project, so your pentest goes as smoothly as possible. 

5. Pentest Reporting

Pentest-as-a-Service means digital reporting, complete with findings-as-tickets, vulnerability assessment metrics, and threat analysis. You get a PDF report for management & compliance. You also get vulnerabilities mapped to assets, security & compliance frameworks in your dashboard.

6. Remediation

Link your Cyver portal directly to developer tools like Jira to enable real-time collaboration. We deliver findings-as-tickets, so teams can quickly assess risks, who’s responsible and how to start remediation. Plus, with integrated developer-pentest communication, it’s easier than ever to remediate.

7. Retesting

Cyver makes remediation part of your Pentest process with time-to-solve metrics and integrated retesting. We’ll retest findings as you remediate to ensure vulnerabilities are gone and your properties are secure.  Your pentest isn’t over until everything has been resolved.  

8. Ongoing Pentesting

Cybersecurity is an ongoing need. Your organization needs consistent, ongoing penetration testing to ensure you remain safe from threats. That’s why we make scheduling your next pentest part of the existing one, so you stay safe with ongoing security audits.  

How secure is your organization?

Partner with Cyver and we'll do more than just pentest your environment. We'll deliver results in our cloud platform, Cyver Core, and offer the insight you need to remediate.