Your Pentest Platform in the Cloud

Pentest-as-a-Service combines the best of human expertise and technological innovation to deliver seamless, real-time findings and reports in a secure cloud platform.

Actionable Pentest Reporting

No more 30+ page pentest reports, no more lack of awareness of findings, no more keeping stakeholders in the dark. Cyver directly integrates your teams onto our cloud platform to offer real-time notifications as findings are uploaded. Every finding is shared as a ticket, complete with developer notes and proof of concept. Plus, with full integration for tools like Jira, your teams can simply export findings to create tickets in their own project management software.  

One Cloud Dashboard

Log into your Cyver Core Dashboard to see pentest reports, findings, and threat profiles for your organization. Managing cybersecurity should be as easy as managing a project, and with Cyver, it is. Schedule your next pentest, discuss findings with developers, review proof of concept, and download reports. All in one, secure, cloud-based platform.  

Why Pentest-as-a-Service?


Only 21% of organizations repeat pentests every year (WhiteHat Security)


60% of breaches cost over $10,000


40-50% of small businesses eventually experience a breach


Companies remediate just 22% of findings in standard pentest reports (WhiteHat Security)

A Pentest Partner

When you choose a cyber-security firm, you’re putting your security in their hands. That’s why Cyver strives to be more than just the faceless, nameless people behind a screen. We partner with our clients to provide real, ongoing security, to help you fix findings, and to ensure the pentest experience is as seamless and as collaborative as possible.  

Ongoing Security

Cybersecurity threats are growing. Most compliance requires yearly or twice-yearly testing. And, breaches are expensive, costing businesses tens of thousands of euros. Regular testing helps you reduce risks so you can keep total costs as low as possible. Pentest-as-a-Service means we schedule new pentests as part of the current testing schedule, so you stay as secure as possible.  

Collaborative Pentesting

Pentesting is a two-way street. We find vulnerabilities, your teams fix them. We strive to integrate pentesting into your existing continuous Agile cycles, by making everything as collaborative as possible. Your teams are onboarded directly onto our platform, involved in project kickoffs and setting scopes, and alerted in real-time as we find vulnerabilities. Plus, with full access to our testing frameworks and processes, you always know what we’re testing and why.  

A Better Pentest Experience

Pentest-as-a-Service is about more than cloud tools, real-time updates, actionable findings, collaboration, or ongoing security. At its heart, Pentest-as-a-Service is about providing the best-possible pentest experience, helping you to do more with your investment. Our cloud platform ensures you have complete oversight and control from day one, and all the information possible to remediate findings and stay secure. It’s simple, secure, actionable, and user-friendly. 

How secure is your organization?

Partner with Cyver and we'll do more than just pentest your environment. We'll deliver results in our cloud platform, Cyver Core, and offer the insight you need to remediate.