Our Partners

Meet our Pentesters

Cyber security experts. Nerds. (Ethical) hackers. Our pentest partners are experts in their field, capable of delivering world-class security. Cyver is its people.

Our Pentesters 

We leverage a network of pentesters to meet your cybersecurity needs. This allows us to quickly scale to meet needs, pulling the right talent and specialists – so you always get the security expertise you need and in a timely fashion. 

Quality Assurance 

Our pentesters come from diverse backgrounds, with diverse credentials, but we carefully assess skills, background, and suitability for each of our ethical hackers. We hold certifications ranging from OSCP- OSWE to EWPTX but we always use actual skills, experience, and aptitude, alongside peer review, when selecting the right pentester for the job. 

Are you a world-class hacker?

Are you looking to deliver Pentest-as-a-Service and want to partner with us? Are you passsionate about delivering the best results? Contact us today to get started!