Introducing Cyver

Same Pentesting, Same Service, New Brand

As of August 1, 2021, PentestHero is now Cyver. This name change represents our merger with pentest-as-a-service-platform, Cyver Core. Together, our two companies can deliver better pentest-as-a-service. 

2020 brought big things. The largest, our partnership with Cyver, a pentest-as-a-service platform. That partnership was more of an integration than anticipated on either side – with PentestHero relying on Cyver for our platform and work management, and Cyver relying on us for data, direction, and feature optimization.  

Today, it makes sense for us to merge and become one company. That shift will allow us to better tailor and offer our platform as a solution for you, the end-client. It means we can deliver a better platform, with our existing pentest service, and more easily find new pentesters as we continue to grow.  

Most importantly, for you, this is just a name change. You won’t see any changes to your service subscription, or pentesting. The name and address reflected on your invoice will change. That’s about it.  We are still delivering the same pentesting, by the same people.