What is a Pentest

Understanding your security environment, risk profile, and vulnerabilities is crucial to keeping your organization safe. Penetration testing gives you that information.

Pentest = Penetration Testing

A penetration test consists of a simulated cyber-attack, where the team at Cyver conducts an attack to test how, where, and why a hacker might breach your environment. Our (ethical) hackers help you identify risks and vulnerabilities before malicious hackers find them, so you stay secure.  

Why do I need a Pentest?

Cybersecurity risks are ever-growing and as many as 60% of all businesses face data leaks, hacks, and exploits. Understanding your organization’s vulnerabilities gives you the tools to reduce them, and that often means looking at your organization from the perspective of a hacker. Are your apps and servers open to exploits? What points of entry have you left open? Can we gain access and install malware or steal sensitive data? What are your vulnerabilities? A penetration test is a safe way to create a complete risk profile, solve as many issues as you can, and develop a better security environment for your organization.  

Cybersecurity Statistics


43% of cyberattacks target small businesses (Verizon)


60% of breaches results in 8+ hours of downtime and cost $10,000+


40-50% of small businesses eventually accept a breach


Cyber-attacks cost businesses $5.2 trillion worldwide (Accenture)

What’s Included in a Pentest

Pentests can be as specific or as broad as your organization needs. You help us set parameters during scope, so we can tailor your pentest to industry, business, and specific organizational needs. Penetration testing ranges from access control and scans to red-team attacker simulation, and we can help with all of it.  

White vs Gray vs Black Box

White-box testing means you give us access controls and we perform penetration testing from inside your organization. Black-box testing means we attempt to force entry using exploits, access points, or denial of service attacks. Grey box penetration testing is a combination of the two.

Depending on your organization and its needs, any of these might be the best solution, which you can select as part of your security level when buying credits.

Pentest vs Automated Scans

Vulnerability scanning and penetration testing are each vital elements of your cybersecurity and both are required for compliance with PCI, HIPPA, PCI-DSS, ISO 27001, and other compliance standards. However, each is different.  

A vulnerability scan is an automated scan identifying vulnerabilities in websites, firewalls, routers, switches, servers, and applications. Most pentests start with a vulnerability scan but follow up with manual review and manual exploitation of discovered vulnerabilities to assess and prove those risks.  

How secure is your organization?

Partner with Cyver and we'll do more than just pentest your environment. We'll deliver results in our cloud platform, Cyver Core, and offer the insight you need to remediate.